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About US


    Anqiu Lu'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ( Former: Weifang No.4   Pharmaceutical Factory ) is the largest Asian bulk pharmaceutical enterprises  specializing in producing and exporting Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) (annual  capacity is 40,000 tons), Paracetamol DC (DC90, DC96, DC85, DC83, DC77  etc)(annual capacity is 7000 tons ),Paracetamol DC by spray  drying(Capacity is 5000tons) and contract manufacture of Paracetamol Finish  Dosage with annual capacity 8 billion tabs).
    Many thanks for encourage and supports of oversea partners, we   implemented our procedures enabling our staffs and system to comply with c GMP  practice. We organize production according to c GMP and our product quality is  assured through controlled environments, micronizing operations strictly  according to SOPs, validated process, trace ability throughout and best  technology. Strict quality control assures the products released are of  excellent quality.                         Paracetamol is covered by Certificate of Suitability and  it’s facilities passed EDQM Site Inspection. Paracetamol DC is covered by EU  GMP Certificate and it's facilities passed Germany Government of Upper Bavaria  Site Inspection and US FDA Inspection. Paracetamol Finish Dosage is covered by  Canada GMP Certificate and it's facilities passed Health Canada's Site   Inspection and Malta authorities site inspection. Our company passes EHS site  inspection made by global pharmaceutical giants.
    Around 80% of above products are exported to worldwide markets and   currently most of multinational pharmaceutical companies worldwide are reliable  and regularly supplied and served by us!